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The Get At The Roots 12-Week Weight Loss Program

Are you tired of losing weight only to gain it back again? 
Do you want to “Get At The Root” of your weight problem once and for all?


Then our 12-Week Program is for you!

The objective of the program is to get the body healthy. As the body gets healthier, the weight will naturally come off until an individual reaches their ideal, healthy body weight. This is not a low-calorie, low-fat diet. It is not about restricting calories and therefore nutrients. The body needs good nutrition to properly function. This program is about giving the body the proper nutrients it needs for its metabolic and hormonal processes. By doing this not only do you feed your body good nutrition, but your body gains health, diminishes food cravings and you gain energy while losing the unwanted body fat.

The GET AT THE ROOTS WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM is designed to give the body what it needs nutritionally to speed up the metabolism and burn body fat! It also takes into account that we are all different and it is not a one size fits all remedy. One diet may work well for many people, but may not work well for many others.

The GET AT THE ROOTS WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM gives each person a specific daily amount of protein (in grams) based on their individual lean body mass. The amount of carbohydrates will be different each day based on activity level. In addition, it is extremely important to the program that you eat the right kinds of fats in the appropriate amount. We will be dispelling the myth that fat makes you fat. The right kinds of fats will actually help you to reduce overall body fat. You will learn how to eat to get your body into biochemical balance – balancing brain chemistry, hormones, and blood sugar. This is key to your long-term success.

The GET AT THE ROOTS WEIGHT LOSS 12-WEEK PROGRAM addresses the underlying root causes of excess weight gain such as hormonal imbalances, deficient brain chemistry, digestive problems, food sensitivities, and more.

The GET AT THE ROOTS WEIGHT LOSS 12-WEEK CLASS is a one-hour class taught weekly. Week one introduces the Get At The Roots System designed to speed metabolism and optimize weight loss. Weeks two through eleven cover the 10 “root” underlying causes of weight gain, how to identify if that is one of your root issues, and how to correct it. Week twelve is a wrap up and celebration of the completion of the program. I am a firm believer that if an individual reaches a plateau then they have a "root" issue that has not been corrected yet. Many people can lose weight on different programs. This program is different! It is about identifying and correcting the "root" underlying causes of weight gain for long term success with weight and health.

  • Week 1: The Get At The Roots System
  • Week 2: Digestive Problems
  • Week 3: Food Sensitivities
  • Week 4: Yeast Overgrowth
  • Week 5: Unstable Blood Sugar
  • Week 6: Dehydration & Mineral Imbalances
  • Week 7: Fatty Acid Deficiency
  • Week 8: Stress & Adrenal Fatigue
  • Week 9: Hormonal Imbalances
  • Week 10: Toxin Overload
  • Week 11: Brain Chemistry Deficiency
  • Week 12: Wrap Up 

The long term objective of the program is to see results that last! This is not a weight loss program to follow for a short time. Rather, it teaches you how to eat; to optimally feed your body for the rest of your life.

When you join, Get At The Roots Instructor Maxine Johnson will help you determine which “root” issues are hindering your weight loss and teach you what to do to correct them for long term weight loss success!

Wondering if the Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program works?

Don't just take our word for it!

“Before I thought I ate healthily... I exercised regularly but at my age I still managed to gain weight no matter how careful I was.  Now I look and feel great.  I bought a bikini today – the first one in 19 years! 

N.R., Feeding Hills, MA (48 yrs. old) lost 13 lbs., 15.9% body fat, and 5” on her waist

“I lost several pounds, even though I was not concerned about weight, without eating less.  Also, my body fat dropped and heartburn diminished.” 

B.G., Feeding Hills, MA

“I lost more weight than I imagined possible.  I have had a lot of trouble losing weight prior to this.  When I am following the diet I have no food cravings or hunger.  There are many good things on the plan.  I can walk past a bowl of M&M’s and not want any.”

R.W., Feeding Hills, MA

“This class has taught me so much about proper nutrition and taking responsibility for my own health….thank you for giving me hope that I do not have to accept being fat for the rest of my life.” 

J.I., Feeding Hills, MA

“I have had digestive issues all my life and this has helped me to resolve those issues.” 

S.H., Feeding Hills, MA

“I was empowered to lose weight and in addition to healthy lifestyle changes got my blood pressure and diabetes under better control.” 

R.S., Feeding Hills, MA

“I still lost weight eating healthy fats!”

D.F., Westfield, MA

Tracey lost 76 lbs.

Meet Tracey!

In 2013, Tracey was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This gave her the motivation to make some real lifestyle changes.

Tracey started with the Get At The Roots 5-Day Program:

“I lost over 4 pounds and 2½ inches during the GATR 5-Day Study!! RESULTS had become my biggest motivator!

My journey started decades ago. I suffered from depression, low self-image and constant digestive distress. I was overweight, suffering from asthma and allergies, and persistent diarrhea.”

She continued on to the full Get At The Roots Program and has lost a total of 76 pounds!

“I know how to listen to my body and I feel great! I no longer take any medication for asthma, allergies, or digestive issues and I am able to control symptoms of MS all through the dietary changes recommended through the GATR program! My self-confidence has returned... And so has that sparkle in my eye!!”

After changing her diet Tracey is a new woman! She looks great and she feels great!

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