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In 2013, Tracey was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This gave her the motivation to make some real lifestyle changes.

Tracey started with the Get At The Roots 5-Day Program:

“I lost over 4 pounds and 2½ inches during the GATR 5-Day Study!! RESULTS had become my biggest motivator!

My journey started decades ago. I suffered from depression, low self-image and constant digestive distress. I was overweight, suffering from asthma and allergies, and persistent diarrhea.”

She continued on to the full Get At The Roots Program and has lost a total of 76 pounds!

“I know how to listen to my body and I feel great! I no longer take any medication for asthma, allergies, or digestive issues and I am able to control symptoms of MS all through the dietary changes recommended through the GATR program! My self-confidence has returned... And so has that sparkle in my eye!!”

After changing her diet Tracey is a new woman! She looks great and she feels great!

“Digestive symptoms were resolved. I was on antacids for long time and my doctor never mentioned the side effects or if there were other options to solve my stomach issues. While doing the Get At The Roots, I was able to solve my digestive problems and to stop taking the antacids, my doctor was very surprised. In addition, I have no sugar cravings, I use to wake up every morning with headaches, those have gone away by eating healthy fats and more protein, and I have learned to regulate my blood sugar levels.”

  • Ruth, Seattle, WA (member of Get At The Roots Instructor Nina T., NTP)

“Before I thought I ate healthily... I exercised regularly but at my age I still managed to gain weight no matter how careful I was.  Now I look and feel great.  I bought a bikini today – the first one in 19 yearsN.R., Feeding Hills, MA (48 yrs. old) lost 13 lbs., 15.9% body fat, and 5” on her waist

“I lost more weight than I imagined possible.  I have had a lot of trouble losing weight prior to this.  When I am following the diet I have no food cravings or hunger.  There are many good things on the plan.  I can walk past a bowl of M&M’s and not want any.” R.W., Feeding Hills, MA

“This class has taught me so much about proper nutrition and taking responsibility for my own health….thank you for giving me hope that I do not have to accept being fat for the rest of my life.” J.I., Feeding Hills, MA

“When I try to think of a way to describe the Get At The Roots Weight Loss System, certain adjectives come to mind right away. The three that best describe it are easy, life changing and incredible! I assumed that this would be the typical “diet” or weight loss plan, like the ones I tried before. This system is totally different and after the first 5 days I saw results! When you see results that quickly, the motivation to continue overcomes you. This is something that anybody can do and I highly recommend anyone to try it. I am now a believer and tell everyone about it!” Jennifer V-R., West Springfield, MA lost 3.6 lbs. and 5 7/8 inches in 5 days

Instructor's Testimonials

“I purchased the Get At The Roots (GATR) program in November 2013 and am looking forward to starting my third group soon! I cannot express how grateful I am that Nancy put this program together. It is the perfect way to work with groups and still address individuals foundationally, helping each member to get healthy, once and for all. The program is professional and well organized and includes all the tools you need to get started. I highly recommend the program to new NTP's who may not be able to start a full-blown practice, but are looking to begin practicing what they've learned and get their name out into the community. It is also great for NTP's with established practices looking to expand their services and grow their revenue. The program has been a wonderful addition to my practice and a great new revenue stream. It was simple to get started as all I needed to do was the marketing! I truly cannot speak highly enough about the program! The GATR Weight Loss System is a well-organized, professional and effective program well worth the investment!”   '

  • Justine Campbell, RD, NTP, GATR Instructor

"I purchased the Get At The Roots Program in August and began my first class of 8 participants in September. We are currently in our 6th week and I wanted to express my gratitude to Nancy Rose for developing such a comprehensive program. Not only has this been a valuable education for my class, but it has also allowed me to become a more effective NTP when working 1 on 1 with clients. As a recent graduate of the NTA, (this past June) this program has helped me in so many ways. Thanks again Nancy. I appreciate this program so much. This was the best investment I could have made."

  • Tammy P., NTP

“It’s been a God-send to my practice and I’m thrilled to be using it...
This has really helped to expand my client base...
The financial benefit has been great. It’s a small investment compared to what you get back in return...
It has paid for itself in my first round of classes 10-12 times over - now in my second round of classes 20 times over...
If you are thinking about bringing a weight loss program into your business this is the one you want to look at!”

  • Craig Fear, NTP

To hear more about what Craig has to say about the Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program watch the video testimonial below:

“I got your program last week and LOVE it already! You've done a ton of work to get such a well-researched, planned curriculum to share that aligns with our philosophy. It's exactly what I wanted!”

  • Jen M., NTP

“I also wanted to tell you that I am so impressed with your presentation of all the materials. It is obvious that you put great time and thought into this program and you have made it really easy for me to start my own groups.”

  • Jeni H., NTP

“I've read about half way through the instructor's manual. I'm very impressed! You've done a really good job putting this program together. I appreciate the detail in how to actually conduct the class and how closely it meshes with the NTA training. It's really tough to start an NTP business from scratch and I'm really thankful for this program. It will give me an opportunity to introduce people to Nutritional Therapy and give me a way to practice my NTP skills while I build a client base.”

  • Peter W., NTP